6 Major Event Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

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Choosing an Event Venue : Size Matters

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Idea of Refreshment for Event

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Choose for Refreshment for Event

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Unique Venue Hall – Mercury

Creative team require open space and different environment to get more ideas. Facing the same wall, office tables, and meeting room. Cannot get any ideas in the same working place and looking for venue for brainstorming? Let’s D’organice brings to … Read More

Unique Venue Hall – Neptune

Neptune one of the medium rooms in D’Organice. It has 1,563 square feet which allows 160 Pax for theater style seating and 100 Pax for classroom seating. European modern classic interior design. 1st choice of motivation talk, new products launching … Read More

Unique Venue Hall – Uranus & Venus

Uranus one of the medium rooms in D’Organice. It has 1,750 square feet which allows 180 Pax for Theater style seating and 100 Pax for classroom seating. Attract many youth entrepreneurs and event company to choose this room for seminar … Read More

Unique Venue Hall – Jupiter Room

Always looking for event hall for 150 – 300 Pax for team building, annual meeting and etc., but never find a suitable and satisfied event venue. There has a event venue other than hotel can fulfilled your requirement. It’s located … Read More

The Role of Food and Beverage in Meetings and Events

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7 Things to Consider When Choosing your Event Venue.

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