You might know everything about your topic, but it may still not be enough as there will always be someone in the seminar room who knows more than you.

Even the best speaker makes mistakes while presenting in the seminar room. Here are a few common mistakes to be aware of so you are better prepared before your next big presentation.

Insufficient preparation
One of the most common reasons for failure in the seminar room is not preparing enough. Spend a day or two to prepare yourself – get acquainted with who your audiences are and what they may expect. Proper preparation will help you feel calmer before and during your presentation. You can create a checklist for things to read and things to carry to avoid forgetting something at the last minute

Not knowing enough about the venue and presentation equipment
Most people don’t give attention to this and panic when the computer they are supplied with in the seminar room does not read the pen drive or the projector in the seminar room fail to work properly. Reach the venue earlier and test the devices to ensure everything is working well.

Underestimating the audience
You may know a lot about your presentation topic, but that may still be insufficient as you may have someone in the seminar room who have more knowledge about the same subject than you. Never talk down to your audience; approach your presentation in a way that’s about sharing and exchanging information.

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