Have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy to reduce clutter in the meeting room.

Technology plays a pivotal room for anything, especially in a corporate meeting room. Technology is like a double edged sword, it empowers you and at the same time, it can confuse you. On top of that, hardware and cables in e meeting room can limit chair movement and worse, people may trip and fall.

Hence, we strongly suggest simplifying the equipment requirement in a meeting room. Here are a few ways to do so:

1 Find out what is actually required
To begin with, assess what a meeting room is actually used for. Is it mostly used for staff gatherings or it is used for complicated presentations or client meetings. Place equipment that are necessary and remove the rest. For example, every room might not require a video conferencing equipment. Designate one or two meeting rooms and place them there itself.

2 Bring your own device
Let the attendees carry their own devices and take them away once the meeting is over. This reduces clutter in the meeting room and also removes the hassle of keeping a shared laptop or other devices in a meeting room.

3 Remove cables and switch boxes
Another great way to keep a meeting room clutter free is to use blue tooth projectors. If this is not possible, ensure to neatly case the cables so that the meeting room looks good.

The options available for collaboration and sharing through the use of technology are enormous. Try and make the meeting room a wireless meeting room to keep a clutter free look and simplify life.

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