U-shaped tables and mobile furniture help to maximize space in the meeting room.

A problem faced by many while booking a meeting room is that the space seems too small for the area of the room booked. This results in cramped meetings where often the conductor of the meeting is unable to see everyone present in the meeting room.

Below are a few ways this can be solved:

1 Create flexible separation walls
While building a meeting room, make sure you create flexible walls, especially for large spaces. In this way, if it is a large meeting, you can have the boundary wall removed and use the entire space. Alternatively, for smaller meetings, you can use a separator so that the rest of the space can be used for something else.

2 Use U-shaped tables
It is really important to see if everyone present in the meeting room is paying attention to the meeting. Place U-shaped tables so that chairs can be placed on all sides.

3 Use smart furniture
Furniture has become smart nowadays. Find flexible tables which can be extendable on demand so that they can work well for both smaller and larger groups.

4 Limit storage in the meeting room
Use a meeting room as a meeting room itself and not as a storage room. Don’t allow storage of unnecessary stuff in the meeting room to ensure chairs can be pulled up on demand in the meeting room.

Having adequate space is very important so that all attendees can concentrate in the happenings inside a meeting room. It is important to pay attention to the same.

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