There are many ways you can maximize your small office suite for your growing team.

It’s ideal to start with a small office suite at the beginning. If you worry that it may be too cramped, good news is, there are many ways you can maximize your small office space for your growing team:

1 Keep an open floor plan
Cubicles and walls make a floor plan look smaller. Keep to an open floor plan in your office suite with minimal walls to separate each space. This will make your office look and feel larger. This also helps you build a more cohesive team because it will encourage more interaction. When people bump into each other day in day out instead of being restricted to one’s own cubicle or cabin, a casual hi will lead to long lasting friendships.

2 Think vertical, not horizontal
We know that floor space is limited, but what about the space that extends up to the ceiling of the office suite? Use shelves attached to walls and install them all the way to the ceiling.

3 Go paperless
Using less paper mean lesser filing cabinets as well as storage space needed to stow them away – thus more office space. Take the best advantage of the Cloud system.

4 Stand-up meetings are ideal
Practice having stand up meetings at your office suite. Not only are they good for health and great for a young team, they also reduce the requirement for chairs. Stand up meetings are also shorter and they do away with the requirement of having meeting rooms.

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