Today’s meeting room has evolved into a place that’s brimming with creativity. Let’s look at some of the quirkiest meeting room spaces which are designed to trigger plenty of inspiration and imagination

Meeting room at AirBNB

Airbnb, Dublin
Each of the meeting room at the Airbnb office in Dublin is an irregularly shaped pod with glass on one side so that it connects to the open space outside while giving the room a sense of privacy.

Meeting room at Autodesk

Autodesk, San Francisco
Instead of doing something with the room space, the designer for Autodesk’s Pier 9 Workshop in San Francisco incorporated a swing-like meeting room table and chairs instead. Yes, these furniture pieces actually swing!

Meeting room at Mind Candy

Mind Candy, London
At their headquarters in London, the meeting room is set in a wooden treehouse which comes complete with fairy tale murals and even hobbit holes.

Meeting room at Microsoft Vienna

Microsoft, Vienna
Blue and cool is the theme of Microsoft’s meeting room in Vienna. White furniture stands out in stark contrast in the space which don an abstract theme splashed generously in blue.

Meeting room at Dropbox

Dropbox, San Francisco
There’s a meeting room at Dropbox’s office where Lego building blocks are provided for staff to use when they need to brainstorm for new ideas.

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