There are many good blogs on startup that offer you eye-opening insights.

Looking for more insight and info about the art of startup? Here are 5 great blogs that would provide you with insider tips and know-hows on starting a new business.

Startup Co
Branded as the world’s largest startup platform, this blog contains some really good article about startups. It is also a platform to help new startup companies find clients, funding, mentors and more.

Started by David Skok, a venture capitalist, Skok shares startup info and knowledge via his online resource and magazine which is relevant to different kinds of startups.

Written for SME and new startup business, this blog has a pool of experts who offer advice within different areas of interest including sales and marketing, HR, finance and entrepreneurship.

If you are looking for ways to overcome startup problems, you may just find the right suggestions and tips on this blog, which offers articles written for startup owners.

Startup Lessons Learned
Take it from the founder of the blog, Eric Ries about what makes or break a business. Aptly titled, Ries share with his readers his startup experiences as well as the companies he started but failed.

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