Use colours and floral arrangements to create a fresh and lively ambience at your event venue.

Is your event venue looking too bare? Most meeting rooms or event halls, unfortunately, provide you with nothing more than a carpeted floor and four walls. A great idea is to get a decorator to do the job of sprucing up the space for you. However, if you have to keep to a budget and wish to do it yourself, here are a few ways to make your event venue look interesting.

1 Use colours to brighten up the space

Choose a beautiful colour palette that suits your event and accentuates the items that you use in those colours such as on the chairs, skirtings, plates, candles, and other decorative items.

2 Style up your food
Create a point of interest at your buffet table by styling up according to a theme. Get fancy boxes and papers to hold your food. Another fantastic idea is to incorporate colourful fruits and cakes to create an eye-catching buffet spread.

3 Bring in the outdoors
Flowers from the florist can be pricey. You can buy a few of these and then complement it using things you can easily find outdoors, like branches, twigs, banana leaves and wild flowers.

4 Light up for a lively ambiance
While the event venue or hall may already have good lighting, adding in decorative lighting can transform the atmosphere. Make the space feel special with strings of white light or uplift booths or the reception area with tea lights or portable lamps.

5 Create galleries
If you are hosting corporate events, you can always include a special gallery with posters or buntings showcasing your brand and business. This gives your attendees a place to linger during breaks and find out more about what you have to offer other than what is presented in the meeting room or seminar room.

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