Depending on your type of conference or event, there’s a meeting room style for it. Here are 6 common ones with different configurations of seating styles:

Conference style meeting room

Conference room style
The most common meeting room seating arrangement is around a long rectangle table flanked by chairs facing a screen. This fits boardroom meetings or client meetings.

U-shape style meeting room
U-shape configuration
This is similar to conference style but for a larger group. Tables are configured to form a U, with a hollow space in between.

Hollow centre style meeting room
Hollow center configuration
This style also has a hollow in the middle but the tables are formed into a large square or rectangle to accommodate a large group of people. The advantage of this configuration is that everyone can see each other. This configuration is ideal for forums or large group discussions.

Classroom style meeting room
Classroom setting
Some meeting rooms can be configured into a classroom-like setting or a seminar room with several smaller long tables set facing the front. This is suited for seminars or training sessions.

Theatre style meeting room
Theatre setting
This set-up is good for larger groups compared to classroom style. However, there aren’t any tables. Chairs also don’t come with a writing surface so it is not for sessions that require note-taking. This is better suited for product presentations.

Banquet style meeting room
Banquet style
If you are hosting a large gathering that comes with meals, like a gala dinner, the banquet style would offer you a conducive setting.

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