There are many free apps you can download to cut down time and energy spent on tedious tasks that are you need to do while running a startup.

A startup owner needs to stay on top of many things – from dealing with transactions and keeping track of expenses to handling your email marketing campaign as well as making sure your invoices and receipts are in order, these daily tasks take up time. Fortunately, there are free apps you can download to cut down time and energy spent on these tedious tasks.

This app offers a good platform to keep track of your finances. It can also be integrated seamlessly across multiple accounts.

Looking for a reliable email marketing tool for your startup? Mailchimp offers a pretty good suite of features to assist you in managing your email lists, add new subscribers, create and send campaigns.

To help you manage different work-related matters and minimize email clutter, this project management app is thoughtfully designed as a flexible tool that lets you customize it according to your daily business needs.

A very popular business collaboration app, Slack is ideal for managing workflow between employees. This app also offers chat rooms, groups and direct messaging to help you easily reach out to your team.

Zoho CRM
Making sure your sales leads and sales staff in your startup business are on track can sometimes be complicated. Zoho CRM gives you a good tool to manage your sales and marketing data so you can stay on top of things consistently.

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