Pastries are good snacks that go well with coffee in the meeting room.

Best Type of Refreshments for the Meeting Room Other than Coffee

A major problem faced by people calling for a gathering in a meeting room is what to serve as refreshments. Often just coffee is not enough, but then what is enough? In this blog, we will tell you what makes for good refreshments in a meeting room gathering.

To begin with, remember to keep it simple. It is a meeting room, not a wedding hall. Don’t overdo things. Here are a few ideas about refreshments for pre and post lunch sessions:

Pre-lunch meeting
Donuts and pastries
Dry fruits

Accompany the above with coffee and tea (keep the option of with or without milk)

Post-lunch meeting
Vegetables with a dip
Dry fruits

Accompany the above with coffee, tea (both milk and black) and soda. You can also provide each person with a bottle of water Moreover, keep in mind dietary restrictions. If you are serving non-vegetarian snacks, keep options for vegetarians and vegans.

As for the quantity that you need to serve per person, keep a note of the average age of the crowd. Younger people tend to consume more than older people. If you are serving finger food, keep 5 to 6 pieces per person. In the case of sandwiches, one sandwich per person is good enough. Same goes for bagels, pretzels, and dry fruits. Serve on disposable paper plates for easy cleanup of the meeting room. Supply fork and spoon where-ever required. Keep enough tissues for people to use.

Serving refreshment in a meeting room is not rocket science. However, keep attention to detail if you want to be known for your organizing capabilities.

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