How Lighting effect your event

Lighting can make or break your event experience. It is so much more than just putting a spotlight on your performer or a few stage lights here and there. If the lights are too bright your event may seem stark and cold. If your lights are too dark guests may miss important elements of your event and design. Lighting creates ambiance, displays video content and can be used to highlight architectural elements or styling pieces to build a visual experience that will leave your guests in awe. You can also use lighting to direct your guests attention to events going on within your event, or to grab their attention.

Light has several factors that affect us differently

Color affects our mood while various colors can create a change in us in different ways, mentally or physiologically. Brighter colors like yellow help to create a sunny, or joyous atmosphere. It reminds us of the daytime when the sun is out and beaming. We tend to associate sunny days with good memories. We feel warmer inside. Darker colors like black are often viewed as ‘negative.’ Black is usually associated with the night, making us sleepy or susceptible to more negative emotions like sadness or despair.

Movement is another factor affected by lighting. It refers to the actual movement of the light particles or beams. If the lights aren’t moving, then we tend to be more focused on the subject that is being illuminated. For example, at a play they tend to focus a spotlight on the actor or actress. This helps us focus on the performance itself. Now picture yourself at a music festival where the lights are strobing, flashing, and changing colors intensely. This particular type of lighting instills more energy in the crowd. It them dancing for hours on end.

Decoration is important to us. We are visual creatures and tend to like things that look good. When it comes to events, lighting can really emphasize the important details that you want to stand out while drowning out other “visual noise.” Perfecting the lighting rig for an event can truly make the occasion that much better. It is another form of decoration.

Outsource the lighting job to a professional

Establishing the perfect atmosphere requires a lot of hard work and consideration depending on what kind of vibe you are trying to convey.

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How to handle PA system

PA System is the key for during events. They can control the mood of audience by using music and videos. Here is how to handle PA system for rookies. Let’s begin!

3 days before event:

You need to collect event background design, event video, preferred music and event agenda. Call for the person in charge to collect all these items as this will handle by you during the event. You might need to meeting with the event organizer for the agenda things to be alert such as: when will be the 1st video, what music they preferred and when play the music of course you may give some suggestion and idea to organizer for the music you suggest. If they have invited guest to have a speech or they having a seminar. You may know which mic the guest and speaker preferred.

2 days before event:

Make sure run through all the video and music in smooth. During meeting mark down and schedule all the music and video according with the agenda. After that, run through all the video and music again. Prepare equipment and backup audio cable and batteries for any unexpected incident happen.

Setup Day:

Install all equipment and run through all the video and music. Check out the resolution of the video in the main screen and make sure the music in a comfortable volume. Time for mic test, certain thing you might need to take note. Echo, buzz sound, and mic volume. Echo will affect the quality of listening; it will cause audience cannot listen speaker’s speech. Buzz sound always annoying audience. There few things will cause this happen, speaker stand close to the loudspeaker or cable problem or echo too high. Next Volume of mic, you might need to try this during rehearsal with Emcee or speakers. Noted down which volume able to covered the hall. Mark down the volume of mic according to the speakers and allocate mic to speakers and emcee.


Collect material > Agenda Meeting > Schedule Video & Music > Run through all the video & Music > Run video in the big screen > Test volume of the music > Rehearsal.

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6 Major Event Planning Problems and How to Solve Them

Arranging a corporate event is a massive task and as an event professional, you surely know how demanding it can get. However, with the help of a cautiously devised plan and the right kind of tools in your hands, you can be the event ninja.

In any case, regardless, regular issues will come your direction. Unpredictable incidents, vendor related issues and clashes are quite recently a hint of a greater challenge with regards to potential event planning issues.

While every one of the issues can’t be overlooked and should be handled truly, getting readied for them sounds like a decent idea, isn’t that right?

In this way, how about we begin

1. Overspending or not having enough money.

Plan always changes during preparation. When start preparation for event, you always find out the budget might not enough or then budget can’t event hire Audio system or LED backdrop. Getting into the black hole of poorly crafted event fund is not something new. I am certain that every event planner has faced this problem at some or the other time.

The idea of ‘plan and spend as you go’ is what most of the event planners are incorporating and hence, they wind up either spending more than the actual budget. Or sometimes it is too late to realize what mistake they have made.

And hence, framing an event budget and deciding where and how to spend your event funds as soon as the planning incepts is recommended. Such as sponsorship, event booths, ticketing and etc. Do your research regarding your event supplies, create a spreadsheet of estimated costs and sit with the team to finalize your budget.

2. Not considering little things.

Old man always said: “Don’t let mouse poo spoiled the entire soup.” And by little things, I mean those last minutes tasks and details that fall in-between at the end moment. Though, when you fail to do them, they hit really hard.

For instance, forgetting to take the specific technical equipment that you’d need or changing the seating arrangement.

Therefore, it would be appreciated if you form a team. The benefit of having a great team is that you’ll not have to remember every single detail and do every little task by yourself. Assign tasks to your team and follow up with them every week to know how things are falling.

This is a productive way to get things done without letting them fall into the cracks at the last moment.

3. Choosing the venue

Selecting the perfect venue which suits your event is the most important things in event planning.

An event venue sets the theme for the event and many other subsequent details like whether you’ll need decor or transportation and such things.

It is recommended to choose a venue which fits to your event and adds a lot of value too. Value can be anything of importance which is being facilitated with the venue like projectors, free WIFI or other facilities.

Choosing a venue which adds value to your event will definitely decrease your event planning time and spending.

4. Uncooperative weather.

Never fight with the weather they are unpredictable. Uncooperative weather is able break your event within a few seconds. And hence, preparing yourself with the backup supplies is recommended.

You might not be able to face snowstorm or extreme heat wave but you can surely tackle rain showers, flood or heavy storm and attendees facing traffic jam and cause the event force to be delayed.

For example, prepare yourself with umbrellas in case rain is in the forecast. Or maybe you can stock up hot milo, warm water and scarf. Your attendees will surely appreciate your forward thinking. Or you can send reminder to attendees the weather forecast and suggest them to take LRT, KTM or MRT to prevent unpredictable traffic jam.

5. Running out of time.

Event plan as soon as possible once decision had made up. I remember an event planner friend who always used to think that he had enough time to pull off his next event. And he always ended up thinking why didn’t he start planning sooner? Are you also like my friend?

Therefore it is advisable to plan as soon as possible by outlining your short term vs. long term goals.

Depending upon the complexity of your goals, figure out a specific time to touch base your progress on the calendar. Here is a sample timeline for you to incorporate.

1 Year From Event — Define goals, event schedule, external schedules, define budget

8 Months From Event — Make sure venue, speakers, topics are defined and revisit goals

6 Months From Event — Revisit budget, refine messaging and purpose, reconfirm with all participants

4 Months From Event — Finalize invitation strategy (mail, online, calls, other outreach)

2 Months From Event — Begin invitations and external messaging as appropriate

1 Month From Event — Confirm attendee list, continue outreach as necessary. In coming weeks send “reminder” to guests make sure they know the purpose of your event and all pertinent information.

1 Week Post Event — Meet with organizing time to discuss success / failures of event and if goals were met. Document all and develop success plan for next time. Begin any outreach follow up needed.

6. Too many people

You’ll need army to fight a war, and general to lead the army. If you’ve got a larger than expected crowd, well your marketing tactics did wonders!

While a large crowd is what every planner dream of but having them at the same place would require some kind of crowd control and hence it is important to understand the dangers of it. Be ready with adaptive strategies that can keep a large crowd organized with proper signage in the entire event venue.

Also, keep a track of how many people are planning to attend your event through the discussions, engagement and panels through the event. Figuring out these things will not only create a stress-free environment but will also rise the level of trust among your attendees regarding your planning skills!

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Choosing an Event Venue : Size Matters

When the time comes to schedule, organize, and manage an event, there will be an unlimited number of questions running through your mind. While every question deserves an answer, there is one you have to deal with before the rest: which venue is best for your event?

You can’t do much until you answer this question. After all, attendees want to know where the event is taking place, as this may help them decide if they will attend.

A variety of details deserve your attention when choosing an event venue. These include:

  • Size of the venue
  • Number of attendees
  • Location
  • Features and amenities

If you are planning an event in a Kuala Lumpur, you will have plenty of options in regards to venues. 

How many Attendees are you Expecting?

This is the first question that will lead you down the right path. You don’t want to book a venue that can accommodate 300 attendees if you are only expecting. Not only are you wasting money, but all the extra space will go unused.

It goes without saying that you don’t know the exact number of people who will attend. However, it is safe to assume that you have a target number in mind. This is good enough when it comes time to search for a venue. Take a look into current ticket sales to get a general idea and see if it aligns with prior attendance goals.

What is the Scope of the Event?

Early on, it makes sense to create a basic outline and agenda that details what will take place during the course of the event. Will you have speakers on stage at all times of the day? Do you need floor space for vendors to display their products? Are you looking for a large, open area where people can converse?

The more information, the better. Small details can make or break the event, for example not having enough tables, chairs, parking, etc.

Go Big or Go Small?

Once the details listed above are taken care of, it is time to move on. When doing so, here is the one word that will continually cross your mind: size.

Let’s start out by looking at two of the best options for large events, such as those with hundreds of attendees: hotel with conference space or D’Organice

Take the D’Organice Saturn Room located in Bandar Tasik Selatan, for instance. Every year, it is home to some of the seminar events in the Kuala Lumpur. With 6 meeting rooms, it is big enough to hold even the 300 attendees’ events.

I don’t need that much space! No worries, you still have plenty of options. If your event is small, in the 50 to 180 guest range, check out Uranus Room, Neptune Room and Earth Room.

Even if a venue has enough space to accommodate a larger audience, you don’t need to book it all. Maybe you only need one or two event rooms to accommodate your group

For small events, those with fewer than 50 guests, D’Organice Mercury room is the perfect choice for small events. With 604 SQ.FT just nice to fit for events.

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Idea of Refreshment for Event

Sometimes we need sustenance to slog through event such as meetings, brainstorming and seminars. But is your refreshments full of fried mihun, curry chicken, Tong sui, or other oily and high sugar food? The extra sugar and fat won’t help anyone’s hearts and waistline. Plus, healthier food can improve productivity.

Healthy breakfast ideas:

  • Fresh fruit: bananas, apples and oranges are portable finger food that don’t make a big mess.
  • Hard-cooked eggs (brown ones bring beautiful color to the table, but make sure they peel properly.)
  • White bread with peanut butter jam or egg may sandwich
  • And of course, Coffee! Just go easy on the sugar and half-and-half

Healthy lunch food ideas:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Tuna sandwiches or egg mayo sandwiches
  • Salad
  • Vegetables
  • Chickens
  • Fish
  • Tofu or eggs
  • Water in place of soda, Tea-O, Lemon Tea or coffee.

Afternoon meeting snack ideas:

  • Fresh fruit
  • Kuih–muih
  • Cookies
  • Water

Healthy dinner food ideas:

  • Fresh Fruits
  • Kicap Chicken (as long as not fried)
  • Fish
  • Tofu or eggs
  • Vegetables
  • Rice or noodles
  • More water! Skip the coffee late in the day. Too much caffeine can interfere with quality sleep.

D’Organice The Function Room and Organizer

Always prepare everything for any events, seminar, workshop and etc. 6 types of venue halls, 3 different size of capacity, large venue maximum 350 Pax, medium venue maximum 180 Pax and small venue maximum 50 Pax.  Complete facilities projectors, table and chairs, WIFI, flipchart and etc.

Refreshments prepare by Doer’s Food and beverage sdn bhd, prepare events with healthy refreshment, lunch and dinner.

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Choose for Refreshment for Event

If you feed them, they will come. Providing food at a meeting or other event can promote attendance and provide a welcoming atmosphere. If you’ve been asked to prepare refreshments for a meeting or workshop, here are some factors to consider.

What to serve

Simple, delicious and healthy can be the first consideration in mind. Consider people’s dietary restrictions and offer a variety of refreshments that are low-fat, sugar-free, caffeinated and decaffeinated. But in Malaysia, there always few choose of refreshment attendance prefer while events.

Morning refreshments:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Pastries
  • Fruit
  • Fried noodles
  • Nasi Lemak
  • Mihun Siam

Afternoon refreshments :

  • Fruit juice
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Kuih-muih

How much to serve

The required amount of food depends on the age of the people you are serving and the time of day. If you are serving food when people are likely to be hungry, for example after work or close to a mealtime, allow more per person.

The rule of thumb for small appetizer (such as cut fruit) is 5 to 6 pieces per person. Larger items such as the fruit, kuih muih and pastries mentioned above require as few as 1 piece per person.

The reason behind to prevent attendants eat too much is to make sure they won’t feel sleepy during events.

How to serve

Provide plates, napkins, spoons and forks, cups, party picks, serving containers, tablecloths, and other utensils necessary for serving and eating refreshments. If people have to balance plates on their laps offer spill- proof, small foods that are easy to handle. Also remember condiments such as creamer and sugar.

How to be safe

Keep hot foods at 140 degrees or above and serve them promptly. If you can’t serve foods quickly, use heating appliances such as catering warmer set, regent food warmer set. For keep cold foods at 40 degrees or below. Use ice, coolers or a refrigerator and serve cold foods promptly.

D’Organice always prepare everything for any events, seminar, workshop and etc. 6 types of venue halls, 3 different size of capacity, large venue maximum 350 Pax, medium venue maximum 180 Pax and small venue maximum 50 Pax.  Complete facilities projectors, table and chairs, WIFI, flipchart and etc.
Refreshments prepare by Doer’s Food and beverage sdn bhd, prepare events refreshment, lunch and dinner.

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Unique Venue Hall – Mercury

Creative team require open space and different environment to get more ideas. Facing the same wall, office tables, and meeting room. Cannot get any ideas in the same working place and looking for venue for brainstorming?

Let’s D’organice brings to your team to Mercury Room.  The room create for brainstorming, annual meetings, workshop and small talk seminar. Although Mercury room only 604sqft but it capable to fit 50 Pax of theatre seating and 30 Pax of classroom seating.

Last but not least, the complete facilities projector, projector screen, flipchart, Pa system and Television. Small room but everything is complete for your events!

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Unique Venue Hall – Neptune

Neptune one of the medium rooms in D’Organice. It has 1,563 square feet which allows 160 Pax for theater style seating and 100 Pax for classroom seating. European modern classic interior design. 1st choice of motivation talk, new products launching and press conference.

2 Element of Neptune, the white & blue color design and carpets make every event grand. Neptune is the hot pick for the organizers.  Plaster ceiling design and light makes the room bright and clear. White wall and navy-blue carpet draw attendant’s attention to focus on the speaker.

There is a VIP room and foyer for all Neptune room rental, feel tired why not take a break and enjoy the snack  at comfortable foyer.

Unique Venue Hall – Uranus & Venus

Uranus one of the medium rooms in D’Organice. It has 1,750 square feet which allows 180 Pax for Theater style seating and 100 Pax for classroom seating. Attract many youth entrepreneurs and event company to choose this room for seminar and events.

Classic brick walls which in orange color made attendants to think deeper, dark brown carpets let attendants to focus on speakers, pentagon table leads attendants to think in different angle, colorful chairs colors bring moods and some greens to take a break for eyes.

On the other hand, Venus is the best place for brainstorming and gathering.  Venus has 1,196 square feet and participants can enjoy beanbag and sofa.

Duron Rice Paddy color brings calm, Navy Blue sofa and colorful beanbag relax your mind, with all these elements can create more efficiency brainstorming and relationship.

If you plan to rent Uranus for event you are allowed to use Venus room for register counter. And last, you may serve lunch buffet or snack too.  

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Unique Venue Hall – Jupiter Room

Always looking for event hall for 150 – 300 Pax for team building, annual meeting and etc., but never find a suitable and satisfied event venue. There has a event venue other than hotel can fulfilled your requirement. It’s located at Bandar Tasik Selatan, beside Terminal Bus Station. 5 minutes walking distance from LRT Station, 8 minutes walking distance from KTM station.

The hidden event venue – D’Organice The Function Room and Organizer. All the events rooms name with Galaxy planet. Maximum 350 Pax fortheatre seating and 189 Pax for classroom seating.  Venue setting can be fishbone, cabaret, U shape, O Shape and more.

Jupiter room is well-known in seminar talk, roadshow, team building, and workshop events. The interior oozes charm with its wooden walls and premium carpets. High stage and two projectors to create focus point during the events. Together all the elements and atmosphere bring the energetic spirit to emcee and speakers.

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