The seminar room should look nice and attractive so that kids would enjoy being in it and participate in the activities you have planned for them.

Having a kid-friendly seminar room is as important as having interesting activities to keep children engaged. Below are some of the things you need to consider while selecting a seminar room for a kids seminar or workshop.

The number of people attending
First and foremost, work out the number of people attending the event. Counting only kids will not be enough. Kids may be accompanied by adults so count their parents as well in case they are participating with their little ones. Kids also don’t sit quietly at one place and they would most likely run around the seminar room. Open floor plans are ideal for kids activities so that they have plenty of space to move around. Avoid seminar rooms with too many chairs and tables which are secured in place. Go for those with movable furniture.

Food options
Food loved by kids is completely different from food loved by adults. Kids also naturally make more mess than adults. Hence, make sure you choose a seminar room where kid’s food can be served without any hindrance. Also, make sure the seminar room does not have fancy furnishings like expensive carpets or shades. Take care that the mess created by kids does not leave a permanent stain in the seminar room.

Kids love pretty decoration and vibrant colours, so choose a room which can be decorated easily with streamers and balloons as well as colourful materials. Opt for a cartoon character theme to draw their interest or bring along toys for them to play with.

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