Having an upcoming event soon and you are still cracking your head on choosing the right event venue? Believe it or not, choosing the right event venue gives a significant impact on the success of the event. Why so? The right event venue gives people an extra drive to attend an event.

Before choosing an event venue, you need to identify the capacity of the event. You cannot be getting a venue that fits 500 people when you only have 200 attendees in your list. Having too much unoccupied space will give a bad impression to the attendees as they might feel like it is an unpopular event. Of course, never underestimate the number of attendees as well as it is even worse to not have enough room capacity for all your attendees.

You can now be on the go to search for your ideal venue after identifying all the important aspects. Location is probably the main concern when you are choosing your ideal event venue. It has to be convenient and easily accessible because you would not want to create a hassle for your attendees to be stuck in the jam. For multi-days event, especially events that starts early in the morning, you might consider choosing an event venue nearer to or at a hotel so that it will be more convenient for the attendees.

Parking lots availability is incredibly important role as attendees will definitely be frustrated having trouble looking for parking. Imagine an event where you need to dress up stunningly and you end up having to walk a far distance because no parking is available near the event venue, you will definitely feel displease right?

The next thing that comes in line will be the services and amenities offered by the venue. What facilities and equipment do they provide? For F&B, you might want to find out if they provide kitchen or catering services. If catering is provided, you may want to have a food tasting session to make sure that the food matches your preferences. If catering is not provided, are you allowed to bring in outside catering? As for equipment, do they provide tables, chairs, PA system and etc. It is important to ensure that all facilities and equipment needed are checked to avoid hiccups that will cause negative impact to the event.

In a nutshell, choosing an event venue itself requires a lot of time and effort. Stay tuned to our upcoming blogposts!

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