For a corporate presentation or product launch, you can get chaise-like chairs to accommodate more guests.

The furniture at your event venue should not only complement the type of function you are organizing, it should also add value to the event. Here is a list of a few events and the basic furniture that should go with it.

Corporate Events
If you are hosting a board meeting or a business meeting at the event venue, look for a U-shaped table with chairs so that all participants can see each other. If it is a larger event like a corporate presentation or product launch, you can have round tables with chairs so that everyone can face the dais.

For weddings, you need to arrange for round tables and chairs at the event venue. During the wedding, the chairs can be arranged in rows to ensure guests can see the wedding procedure. Later, for dinner, separate tables can be laid down with chairs for guests to sit comfortably and eat.

The furniture at parties depends on the kind of party you are hosting. If you plan for the guests to dance, don’t arrange for a lot of chairs. However, if it is a more formal kind of party, keeping chairs and tables for guests to eat will be ideal.

No matter what kind of event it is, make sure that your event venue has enough comfortable seating for everyone. It’s also a good idea to have different types of chairs, for example, you can set up a lounge with cosy armchairs at the side of the seminar hall to complement the classroom-style seating area. This would give your guests space to mingle before the seminar starts or during breaks.

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