Investing in a good quality overhead projector for the seminar
room is essential.

A good seminar room needs to have sufficient equipment to ensure things go on smoothly. Here’s a brief checklist of things that you should have in a seminar room:

Overhead Projector: Most presentations are conducted using slideshows. Hence, investing in a good overhead projector for the seminar room is essential.

Screen: Investing in a good screen is a must. If the screen is not good, uneven or dirty, however good the presentation or the presenter is, the quality of the presentation will still be affected.

Remote control for projectors: This is essential so that speakers can operate the equipment from any corner of the seminar room. If it is possible, buy a universal remote so that speakers don’t get confused between different controls for the different kinds of equipment in the room.

Sound Equipment: Keep a significant amount of investment aside for the sound equipment of the seminar room. Good microphones and speakers are essential so that attendees can listen to the presenter loud and clear.

Video Equipment: A seminar room is often used for video conferencing. Hence having good teleconferencing equipment is important.

Other equipment: It’s ideal to equip the seminar room with a good laptop or computer in case the presenter’s notebook does not work. So are other things like laser pointers, flip charts, slide trays, etc.

Last but not the least, the seminar room must have good lighting that comes with dimmers. A well-equipped seminar room gives confidence to a presenter, hence investing in the right things is crucial.

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