First time planning a major event? No idea where to start from and what are the things that should be taken into consideration to ensure that it is a successful event? Proper planning is crucial to ensure smooth flow of execution before and during the event day. Here are a few tricks and tips on how to get your event planned accordingly.

First and foremost, determine your event goal and objective. What is the purpose of the event and who are your target audience? Set your event date and time, brand your event and choose your event venue. Subsequently, set up your event team, associate the strengths of each team members with their delegated tasks in order for them to deliver a greater result in a most efficient and effective way. Next, establish your budget. Find out how much income can you generate from the event and how much cost will be incurred. Figure out ways to optimize cost efficiently while identifying potential partners and sponsors. Identify the time line of the event starting by working backwards from your event date. Last but not least, get your marketing and publicity team to boost the event to get more attendees!

One quick tip to make your planning easier and more organised, create a to-do list on what you need to plan and execute, include every single detail so that you do not miss out anything!

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