Some of the proposed ideas from the seminar room design workshop include good acoustics, lighting, open space and
even toys to play with.

In 2013, the University of Lincoln, UK held an interesting seminar room design workshop themed “The Future of Learning”. With the participation of staffs and students, the workshop on seminar room offered many great insights about how to make it a more inspiring and conducive space for learning.

The workshop started off with having the students define what a seminar room is and to list down what makes a great seminar. The answers were eye-opening: many feel that a good seminar should get people proactively talking as well encourage higher participation and group involvment. They also proposed that a seminar room should offer ease of movement, have movable furniture, good acoustics, lighting, have no barriers like desks at the front and even toys to play with.

While some of these ideas proposed by students were targeted at the academic crowd, most of it would also apply to a seminar room aimed for corporate seminars or company training programs. Often, a seminar room is viewed as a clinical, unimaginative space with just a bare space, tables, chairs along with a whiteboard and projector in front. With the incorporation of features that invite conversations and participation, this would increase seminar success and allow participants to better understand the program.

Read more about the workshop here.

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