In corporate events, approach people with a friendly smile and an open mind.

Corporate events offer plenty of networking opportunities among like-minded peers and business associates. It’s also a great a way to get noticed, meet key people in the industry, start business relationships and explore opportunities. Here a few ways in which you can successfully network at corporate events:

Find out about the key attendees
Research about who are attending an event before going to corporate events. If you are looking forward to meeting some people, do some background check so that you can have a meaningful discussion with them. Going through LinkedIn profiles are a great way of doing this.

Find out common ground
Discussing common interests are an easy way of connecting with people. A common hobby or a common friend is a great conversation starter. Make use of that.

Take interest in people
People love to talk about themselves. Ask questions about their work, spouse, life and hobbies. Show an interest in them.

Keep an open mind
At corporate events, mingle with an open mind. Moreover, make sure that your body language is positive. Make friendly eye contact, don’t cross your arms when you talk to people, shake hands with everyone firmly. Interact with the right people and have the right intention in mind.

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