How to Choose an Event Venue
It’s important to choose a good event venue that would put your brand and business in the best light.

If you think where you host your seminars or conferences doesn’t matter, think again, as your seminar room or event venue would make a lasting first impression of your brand or business. Here’s how to choose a good event venue that would put you and your corporate events in the best light.

1. Location: Make sure your event venue is easily accessible. Choose a place where there’s convenient access to transportation. Also, look at the parking facilities – are there ample parking space and are the parking rates affordable? As your attendees would be spending many hours at your event or seminar, be sure their transportation needs are taken care of.

2. Layout: To choose a suitable room layout for your seminar room or event venue, determine the number of guests and then look for the simplest seating style so everyone has a good view to the front. If it’s a full-day seminar, classroom style seating is best.

3. Available dates: Check for availability as soon as you can. Popular event venues are usually prebooked months ahead.

4. Budget: Don’t forget to rent within your budget for your event. Make sure you have worked out the cost per attendee so you don’t overspend on your event venue.

Prior to booking, it’s ideal to physically drop by to visit your venue of choice. Get a feel of the environment to see if it fits your event.

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