It’s ideal to choose an event venue that is located in the city centre and close to major transportation hubs.

There are many factors that play an important role in ensuring attendance to an event, but none as crucial as the location of your event venue. Even when you have a stellar agenda planned for your corporate events, you would need to make sure your event venue is located at a place where it’s convenient and attractive to your guests.

It’s ideal to have your event venue close to major transportation hubs so it’s easily accessible. For events within an area known for its traffic congestion, have it near a subway, LRT/MRT or train station. If it’s going to be an event that would go on until late at night, most people will prefer driving. So make sure there are ample parking facilities and parking rates are reasonable. For those hosting a conference that would be attended by overseas guests, consider having it near the airport or somewhere with many options to get to and from the airport.

Next, think about what image you’d like your brand or business to project. This is where your choice of location will help to shape the first impression of your company to your attendees. If you want others to view your business as a high end one, go for a 5-star hotel. If it’s targeted at a small scale young and hip audience, you can consider having it at a trendy co-working space or hipster cafe so that millennials can better relate to your brand. For seminars and talks, it’s always better to go for an event venue with a classroom setting to reflect your event agenda.

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