Research to find a good AV supplier that offers excellent services off-site and on-site at your event venue.

At your event venue, audio visual (AV) equipment is one of the top essentials. While it runs behind the scene, anything that doesn’t work, can delay or put a damper on your event activities. The following are tips on setting up your AV equipment to ensure things run more smoothly during your corporate events.

Match your activities to the AV equipment required: If it’s a simple event, all you need are just 2 speakers, some uplighters and a screen for your projector. When you have a more elaborate one with different sorts of live presentations, you may need more technology to support them.

Have a budget: Always set a reasonable budget for quality AV or event technology. While you may want to just use the event’s in-house kit, sometimes it may not be sufficient and you could end up spending a lot of money to supplement it. Know from the start how much technology is needed and tailor a budget for it.

Choose a reliable AV supplier: Research to find a good supplier that offers excellent services off-site and on-site. It’s always better to hire a specialist who delivers the technology themselves rather than a company which subcontracts it out to a third-party.

Hire a technician: Even if it’s just a simple AV setup, managing it according to your event agenda may require someone with experience. For those setting up complicated technology, it’s best to get an experienced technician to coordinate and handle the equipment on-site.

Book early: AV suppliers are sometimes booked a year in advance, so the earlier you can plan for them and make your reservations, the better. Don’t do this last minute as many things may get left out or you could end up with a shoddy system.

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