Knowing your audience and what you can offer them is one of the primary ways to ensure full attendance in the seminar room.

When you set about hosting your own seminars or workshops, there’s always the question of how you are going to get participants or attendees to fill your seminar room. What if nobody shows up? That’s definitely something that would get any seminar organizer really anxious. After all, you have already booked a hotel meeting room and prepared your slides.

The key is to also invest in some time or money to market and promote your course or seminar as you begin picking your topic, date, and location.

Always start by targeting your best prospects instead of reaching the general masses. For example, if you are giving a talk about how to ensure a successful startup, think about who would benefit most from your talk. You might find that they are likely to be millennials or those under the age of 40 with entrepreneurial dreams. Find your target audience and use promotional materials that speak to them. A rule of thumb is to ask: how is your seminar going to add value to your participant’s life? Then tailor your pre- and post-seminar materials towards that.

It’s also worth exploring multiple ways of reaching your prospects. But be careful of over promoting your seminar to the point your brochure or emails become annoying spams. Use different marketing tools and a variety of media platforms, so you won’t sound repetitive and spammy.

Also find ways to incorporate calls to action immediately in your promotional materials – for example, include your name and phone number so that they can RSVP directly. You can also use early bird specials like a discounted rate to get your audience to reserve their spots early.

There’s definitely a lot to pick up when it comes to marketing your seminars and workshops – but once you have the right know-how, and words get around that you offer high-value information, your seminar room or meeting room will be filling up fast.

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