PA System is the key for during events. They can control the mood of audience by using music and videos. Here is how to handle PA system for rookies. Let’s begin!

3 days before event:

You need to collect event background design, event video, preferred music and event agenda. Call for the person in charge to collect all these items as this will handle by you during the event. You might need to meeting with the event organizer for the agenda things to be alert such as: when will be the 1st video, what music they preferred and when play the music of course you may give some suggestion and idea to organizer for the music you suggest. If they have invited guest to have a speech or they having a seminar. You may know which mic the guest and speaker preferred.

2 days before event:

Make sure run through all the video and music in smooth. During meeting mark down and schedule all the music and video according with the agenda. After that, run through all the video and music again. Prepare equipment and backup audio cable and batteries for any unexpected incident happen.

Setup Day:

Install all equipment and run through all the video and music. Check out the resolution of the video in the main screen and make sure the music in a comfortable volume. Time for mic test, certain thing you might need to take note. Echo, buzz sound, and mic volume. Echo will affect the quality of listening; it will cause audience cannot listen speaker’s speech. Buzz sound always annoying audience. There few things will cause this happen, speaker stand close to the loudspeaker or cable problem or echo too high. Next Volume of mic, you might need to try this during rehearsal with Emcee or speakers. Noted down which volume able to covered the hall. Mark down the volume of mic according to the speakers and allocate mic to speakers and emcee.


Collect material > Agenda Meeting > Schedule Video & Music > Run through all the video & Music > Run video in the big screen > Test volume of the music > Rehearsal.

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