How to Manage the Crowd at an Event Venue
The best way to manage a large crowd is to have a number of registration counters.

The greatest nightmare for an event planner comes true when an event venue gets overcrowded and there is a mad rush. However, overcrowding at an event venue can be managed with these tips in mind:

Registration desk
Mismanagement of the registration desk is not only the main contributor of overcrowding at an event venue, it also leads to the displeasure of guests. The best way to manage this is to have a number of registration counters and keep a specific person to direct guests to different counters. This will also help in finishing off the registration process fast and start off an event on time.

Buffet counters
Another location where overcrowding often takes place is buffet counters. The best way to manage this is to have many counters with exactly the same spread so that guests can stand in any line of their choice. Keeping a few people to redirect guests from crowded counters to non-crowded counters will also be useful.

Open bars
We all know open bars are the most lucrative thing in an event venue, don’t we? And managing people high on alcohol is a task in itself. Keep many bar counters to manage the crowd. Keep more bartenders if you know that your guests are heavy drinkers.

By following these simple tips, the crowd can be managed efficiently. Keeping more people to manage the crowd is definitely the key.

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