It’s important to eliminate distractions in the seminar room so that everyone get the most out of it.

There are many reasons why the audience in the seminar room are not being attentive. As a speaker, it breaks your focus when the crowd starts geting restless and distracted – you worry if there’s something wrong with your presentation. While you do have to make sure your presentation is engaging, it is also important to remove any kind of distractions to ensure you have complete attention of those present.

The biggest distraction in today’s world is electronic devices. So to begin with, make it crystal clear that you want undivided attention of everyone present in the seminar room. Request that all devices to be switched off.

Say no to late comers as they are a big distraction. Be firm on this and you will see a vast difference in the attention level. A late comer will not only distract you but the entire group of attendees in the seminar room as well.

Make sure your attendees do not eat in the seminar room. Let them know they can enjoy their snacks and meals during lunch or tea breaks. It’s always distracting when someone in the crowd chomps on their sandwiches while you are talking in front.

Have a proper Q&A session so that participants don’t keep throwing questions at you in the middle of your presentation.

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