The success of the event will be very largely determined by how well event staff carry out their allocated tasks before and during the event.

Although the event plan may stipulate and provide details of every task that needs to be completed, it is still necessary for the Event Director to ensure that every task is completed by the required date and time.

It is the nature of event management that one small task, if not completed, can have a major effect on the success of the event. Supposing that someone forgets to pick up the trophies the day before the event and now the trophy shop is shut for the weekend. Perhaps, no-one checks the electronic scoreboard before the start of the event and it fails to work.

Although the Event Director has ultimate responsibility for all matters concerning the event they cannot and should not try to be in all places at the same time. Instead the Event Director must devise systems that result in:

  1. Recruitment of suitable people for the event team who may be all volunteer, all paid or a mixture of both. See also Recruiting Volunteers
  2. The provision of job descriptions for all event staff. In many cases, job descriptions need to be created before advertising positions.
  3. The provision of training to all members of the event team as may be required. This includes general induction training as well as training specific to team position. The extent of training depends on many factors such as position, level of experience and scale of event.
  4. The creation and use of systems of control that:
    1. identify all tasks that must be completed
    2. allocate tasks to individual staff
    3. enable staff to self-check the completion of tasks
    4. provide feedback to the event director when tasks are completed
    5. provide feedback if there is any problem that prevents a task from being completed
  5. The organization of meetings between the event management team and the event director. Meetings are crucial to ensure the Event Director is across any issue that may impact on the event, as early as possible.

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