Managing RSVP guest lists is more complicated than you think

Guideline 1: Sourcing client lists

Managing guest or attendees lists for a large and important event is key to a successful event. Here the few guidelines will allow you to avoid mistakes and efficiently manage the most complex guest lists for the small or big events.

Sourcing and compiling guest lists can be tricky because guest information resides in many different places within different inviting lists.

Clients information resides the following places and is a source of lists for your event.

  1. Existing clients or partners: never forgot to double check existing client and partners, fold back you existing name list remark which clients able to attend.
  2. Past event invite lists: Past event lists store client information regarding past event attendees.
  3. Event Platform: there were many online event platforms such as social media, Accupas, Eventbrite and so on.

Guideline 2: Create a “Master List” per guest category

Once you have recorded all the source of guest information, a single guest list should be compiled per guest category.

Potential guest categories could include:

  1. Existing client list
  2. Platform register list
  3. VIP list
  4. Media list
  5. Staff list

There must be only be 1 MASTER LIST per guest list. Creating multiple version will create management challenge. Ideally, a single person will be responsible for each single list.

The fields that each master list should contain inclide:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address
  4. Mobile Number
  5. Company Name

Microsoft Excel is the most common software to create client and manipulate client data.

Guideline 3 : Excel Guest List Setup

Microsoft Excel is an accessible and ideal tool to do high level client list manipulation. In order to ensure the best possible result for your event. You need to create the highest possible quality lists. Excel has much better data manipulation capabilities then Microsoft Word.

For example with Excel, you will be able to create client list format with the  column for each field of data you need to collect for each clients. At a minimum the following fileds of data needs to be collected:

  1. Tittle
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Company
  5. Email Address
  6. Mobile Number

Guideline 4: Excel Data Manipulation

Once you have your data structured in Microsoft Excel, you will be in a position to manipulate the data in the following format using the follow scripts and techniques:

  1. Duplicates: common situation when you have a lot of duplicate in the list.
  2. Incorrect email address format
  3. Mobile number format
  4. Sentence case
  5. Split first name and last name
  6. Filters: Never submit an Excel list with ‘filters’ enabled. Otherwise your list might shorten due to list had be temporarily hidden the information.

Guideline 5: Online RSVP

Once you have assembled your list/s, you may upload to online RSVP system for share to all the reception counter. You may consider GOOGLE SHEET. Upload master list/s to GOOGLE SHEET and using it for check in will very convenience. Every reception counter can instant update list during check in clients.

Guideline 6: Reporting

During register client during events, GOOGLE SHEET able to update all reception counter instantly. Person in charge will able to know the total number of arrival clients. Reports can be received at the touch of a button and right at your fingertips.


Clients, Guests, Attendees and VIP are the key for the events. RSVP from invitation, confirmation and registration might complicated to sort out the lists. But it is important to manage well. Master list/s may analyses to documentation.

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