When faced with the decision to leave your corporate career and join a startup, consider the pros and cons of doing so.

A classic question that has cropped up in the minds of people searching for a job is to whether join a startup or a corporate. This really is a million dollar question and the answer is extremely subjective. While a corporate job has fixed work hours, a startup is more flexible. Let us help you find the right answer whether to join a startup or a corporate:

Know what you want from your career
If you are the type who looks for a specific job role, you should go for a corporate one. However, if you don’t mind doing anything and everything, join a startup. Usually a startup has a smaller work force and therefore everyone is expected to do almost everything.

Hands on learning experience
In a startup, most of the learning happens on the job itself. You work, you fail, you learn; the mantra is simple in a startup. A corporate position is more organized; you get to learn from experienced people.

The kind of stability that you want
Needless to say a startup is unstable. The business itself may or may not succeed. This comes with its own risk and of course its own reward. Corporate work on the other hand is time tested, hence less risk in terms of job stability.

Employment is a subjective matter. While it’s not necessary that you will have more fun in a startup, once successful, working in a startup has its own range of benefits.

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