If your company events planning to have catering. Here the table arrangement checklist for your events catering. Good food always brings people together, and caterers offer ready-made food for guest to enjoy.  It’s not enough to just cater an event though, it needs to be catered exceptionally well. One of the best ways to start your planning is by looking at a checklist for catering an event. This ok it as your basic menu plan and check off each item before your select the food to serve.

The Table Arrangements

As an event organizer, it’s important for the table arrangement for guests. The checklist considers both decorative and functional elements. With the right tools and equipment, the event will look stunning and guests will have all they need to eat. Here’s a breakdown of the most important table arrangement to have on your checklist for an event.

  • Table arrangement
    • Long table
    • Round table
    • U shape table
  • Type of serving
    • Buffet Style
    • Set Menu style

Equipment for Serving

Unless the event is going to be buffet-style, a good set of serving equipment is essential. The right gear makes it easy distributing food and drinks to the guests of the event. Try to achieve a balance of classy looking and sturdy items for best results.

Bus bins – the plastic tubs that hold dirty dishes and food after people have finished eating. Get several of these.

Serving trays – Trays are necessary for serving all the food, unless the event is to be buffet style.

Water pitchers- Try for durable pitchers that look nice as well. Have enough to keep at least half the servers stocked during the event, because refilling water is a major component of any event.

Equipment for a Buffet

If the event is to be buffet-style, you’ll have a different catering event checklist to consider. It will include all the items to set up, operate and remove a buffet quickly. Here’s a standard catering buffet checklist.

Tongs – For salads or other difficult to scoop items.

Chafing dishes – To keep food warm throughout the event

Fuel gel – To power the chafing dishes

Matches or lighter – To start the dish heaters

Plates – disposable plates or ceramic plates

Serving baskets – To hold fruit, bread and other objects

Dish cloths – To wipe up inevitable spills

This banquet setup checklist covers all of the most common items required during buffet-style events, but it’s a good idea to think of more specific needs and add them on as well. Try and build up the list entirely before the big day of the event so you’ll be prepared.


A coffee or beverage station is an efficient way to handle drinks for an event, but it must be stocked properly. Serving simple beverage would be just nice to help guests digest.

3 types of common beverage:

  • Coffee & Tea
  • Soda
  • Fruit juice & Syrap

Equipment to serve beverage

  • Glasses – for water and soft drinks
  • Pitchers – filled with water and ice
  • Coffee cups
  • Ice tubs – to hold canned soda or other drinks in containers
  • Baskets – to hold teas, sugar and creamer packs
  • Garbage can – to hold all the wrappers and other drink garbage
  • Napkins – For spills or to wrap around hot drinks

By following this food and beverage checklist, beverage bar will have everything needed to keep guests from being thirsty.


No matter what type of event catering you are planning to. It’s important to have a checklist to rely on. It’s good to decide what kind of table arrangement and type of serving early. So, you will able to prepare all the checklist for catering. Check out the next article, it might help a lot to planning your catering more precisely.

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