Whether you are a presenter or participant, it’s important to adhere to the basic etiquette in the seminar room.

Good etiquette is a must in any seminar room. Consider these do’s and don’t’s for both the presenter and participant.

For the presenter/facilitator – Do’s

  • Stay in control entirely during your session. Pay attention to time. Stick to time limits. Start and end on time.
  • Stick to the agenda. Don’t go off topic.

For the presenter/facilitator – Dont’s

  • Do not wait for late arrivals in the seminar room. Respect people who came on time. Start the meeting or the presentation on time.
  • When you leave the seminar room, make sure all white boards and flip charts are cleared completely. Leave the room clutter-free.

For participants – Do’s

  • Arrive on time.
  • Be attentive to the speaker.
  • Turn off your phone or laptop while you are in the seminar room.
  • Await your turn to speak in the seminar room.

For participant – Don’t’s

  • Do not have a side conversation when someone is speaking.
  • Do not interrupt while someone is speaking.
  • Do not litter the seminar room.


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