Whether or not you have the most state-of- the-art notebook or tech, don’t depend entirely on them. Prepare printed notes of your presentation in the meeting room.

With meeting room technology, things do get easier and more seamless when you hold discussions and brainstorming sessions with others. But when tech fails, all they do is actually complicate the process. In a study by Barco, a global technology company, it was found that about 9 out of 10 participants have experienced stress related to technology in meetings.

We have all experienced this – just when the meeting is about to start, something does not start or the screen hangs. All eyes are looking at you as you struggle to get the tech running again. There are many reasons why sometimes technology fails – it could be incompatible software or networking components or perhaps it’s because something is not connected right. Often, when no one could figure out what’s wrong, meetings have to be postponed or cancelled.

To avoid this, always make sure you have an IT support staff on standby. This way, he or she can help you settle the issue while you start off the presentation with your physical materials. This means, whether or not you have the most state-of-the-art notebook or tech, don’t completely store everything in digital format. Prepare printed notes of your presentation and ask for a whiteboard. This way, even if you are unable to show your slides, the meeting can still go on with these materials on hand.

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